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It’s a new year and a new you!  Let’s face it, 2020 was a tough year, and we all deserve a little spa time.  We’re not quite out of the woods yet, so bringing the spa to your home is the next best thing!

We’ve put together products that refresh and renew the mind, spirit and skin in a Spa box that we’ll have delivered straight to your door.

Starting with our Spa Day candle, light it while relaxing in the tub or any time you need a break from the stress of the day.  It’s made with 100% vegan coconut apricot soy blend wax, and we used a wooden wick from sustainable sources.  It’s scented with rosemary and mint to make the room smell just like you’re at the spa! (Net wt. 7 ounces)

Our Spa Day bath salts are made with Dead Sea salts, rosemary and mint.  It comes in convenient 4 ounce bottles so you can add as much or as little to your bath as you like.  It’s perfect for relieving sore muscles after a workout or a run. (Net wt. 4 ounces)

While you’re relaxing in the tub, take a moment to care for your face with our French Green Clay Facial Bar (not shown).  Simply wet the bar and rub it over your face to leave a light mask coating.  Sit back and relax, letting the clay remove impurities, tighten, tone and gently exfoliate your skin.  Rinse with warm water and pat dry. (Net wt. .5 ounce)

After your bath, nourish your skin with our Spa Day Body Butter.  Our butter is made with only three ingredients, keeping it simple and good for your skin.  Shea butter and almond oil protect and moisturize your skin.  Essence of white tea provides a soft, calming fragrance to carry you through the day or night. (Net wt. 6 ounces)

The final product in the box is our Spa Day Linen and Room spray.  Spritz lightly over your linens (allow time to dry before getting into bed) for a fresh clean scent all night, or use as a room spray any time you want to freshen the air. (Net wt. 4 ounces)

The January Spa Boxes will be shipped on January 15th via USPS Flat Rate Shipping.

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