We’re a small batch artisan soap company located in the heart of North Carolina. We make our soaps using the “cold process” method in small batches. We try to use as many organic oils and natural products as possible, locally sourcing where we can.

TERRY SMEDLEY, CSM (Chief Soap Maker) and Owner

My story.. For years I struggled with dry skin and tried nearly every commercial soap on the market but nothing seemed to help. While on vacation in St. Augustine we happened to stop by a bath boutique where they were selling handmade soap. The owner of the shop spent probably 30 minutes explaining to me the difference between artisan soap and the stuff you can buy in the stores. He promised if I’d just give it a try, I would see a difference. I was a little skeptical but decided to try it anyhow (and their soaps smelled amazing!). After just a couple uses, I was hooked! The soap wasn’t drying to my skin, felt silky smooth and for once I didn’t have to coat myself in lotion to tame the flakiness!

We made another trip back to St. Augustine the next year and I stopped by to see the boutique owner again. This time I not only bought several of his soaps, but walked away armed with a wealth of knowledge on how to start the journey of making my own soap. He was super supportive and offered to give me advice along the way should I need it!

Fast forward three months later after spending as much time as I could researching oils, techniques, types of soap making, and purchasing the equipment I would need to get started, I made my first batch of soap in the kitchen of my home in Florida. It wasn’t fancy, it certainly wasn’t pretty, and I was terrified the entire time I was making it, but it was a success! I was hooked and from that point forward, I made cold process soap as often as I could. Once friends and family found out I was making soap, they asked if I could make some for them, and from there Emma Grace was born!