Below are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers!

  1. Are your soaps really all natural? Yes! Our soaps are made from natural oils and butters from either plant or animal sources.
  2. What is cold process soap? Cold process soap making is one of three main methods of making natural soap. There’s cold process, hot process and liquid soap. Cold process involves melting solid oils and butters and combining them with liquid oils and a lye solution at a low temperature. The mixture is blended until emulsified and then poured into molds to go through the saponification process. After 24 hours the soap is removed from the mold and cut into bars. It cures for 4-6 weeks to allow the excess water to evaporate and to create a hard bar of soap.
  3. What’s the difference between your soap and soap I can buy at a craft store to make my own? Great question! Our soap is made using a Cold Process Method as described above. We source all of our oils, create our own recipes based on different properties we want our soaps to have such as moisturizing, hardness, or specific skin conditions that we’re trying to help, and make our soap from scratch. We know exactly what is in each and every bar we make. We spend a great deal of time educating ourselves on safety of essential oils and fragrances. All of our soaps are tested to ensure quality and safety. The soap blocks that you can buy at a craft store such as Michaels or online (Amazon, etc) is called Melt and Pour soap. It’s generally made commercially and it can be cut into small pieces and melted down in your microwave or in a double boiler. Crafters generally purchase this soap to make soaps in small individual molds. Many of these soaps contain chemical additives or preservatives to extend their shelf life. They’re great for craft projects or beginners who are interested in making soap. Unfortunately, because the soap is pre-made you cannot control the ingredients that go into it or the quality.
  4. Do you use only essential oils in your soaps? We use essential oils where one exists for the fragrance we need. Not all plants and flowers are suitable for making essential oils, so in cases where they aren’t available, we use fragrance oils. We are careful to source the highest quality oils (essential and fragrance) to ensure purity and safety.
  5. I’m allergic to shea butter. Do all of your soaps have shea butter in them? Most of our soaps contain some amount of shea butter. We do make a few soaps each year that do not contain shea, so if you have a sensitivity, please contact us and we’ll be happy to make a soap for you with a different butter.
  6. What about your bath products? Are they natural? For most of our products the answer is yes! Okay, so let me qualify that. Bath bombs can’t be made without some “chemical” ingredients. Bath bombs are made using citric acid, however we use food grade so it should not cause any skin issues. We also add Polysorbate 80 (a synthetic surfactant) so that the oils and colorants don’t stick to the sides of your tub (or you!) or float on the top of the water. We list all of the ingredients of each product on their product page in our online shop.
  7. What about your face and skin products? Are they natural? That is a resounding yes! They’re all made with natural oils, clays and butters. Any that are pre-made with water contain Optiphen which is a paraban free and formaldehyde free preservative to keep the products bacteria free and safe. We list all of the ingredients of each product on their product page in our online shop.
  8. Do you make products that are safe for babies, children and pregnant women? Yes! We have done extensive research into the safety of essential oils and products for babies, children and pregnant women. We are developing product lines specifically for these demographics.
  9. Do you offer samples of your products? Why yes we do! We frequently will offer sample packs of our soaps or skin care lines. Generally it’s at the beginning of a new season or when we have new products coming out. We announce it on social media and the sample packs can be ordered through our online shop!
  10. I live in the South and it’s hot. Will your products be okay to ship? The answer is yes and no. Some of our products can withstand extreme temperatures and some simply cannot. Our candles are made with soy wax and will melt in the heat of the summer while they’re sitting in a delivery truck or in your mailbox all day. The good news is we offer special shipping options during the warm season months on all of our products that are temperature sensitive which will get them to you quickly. Options will be listed on those product pages in our online shop once the warm weather season begins.
  11. Do you have a store that I can come see your products in person? Unfortunately no, we do not have a storefront at this time. We do participate in markets on a seasonal basis and we’d love to have you visit with us there. We also offer samples of our candles from time to time for free! Our Where to Find Us page lists the upcoming markets we’ll be attending!
  12. Can you do custom soap colors or fragrances? Yes! We love customizing our soaps for our clients! We’ve got a wide range of colors and scents we can use to create something specific to you! Please be aware you would be required to purchase the entire batch (which is 8-9 bars of soap).
  13. Do you do gift boxes? Yep! We do gifts for all types of events. We can do individually wrapped soaps for guest favors for weddings, bridesmaid and groomsmen gift boxes, gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays or just about any other day! We do have a few standard boxes we offer or we can customize something specific to your needs. Take a peek at some of the gifts we’ve done in the past on our Gifts and Favors page! We’re also working on launching our subscription boxes soon!
  14. What are your shipping options? We offer flat rate shipping on all of our products. Shipping is weight based, which allows you to order more at a flat rate. The rates are priced based on USPS medium and large flat rate boxes and are up to 5 lbs and up to 20 lbs. We also offer local pickup for customers who are in the Piedmont/Triangle area of North Carolina. We ship products weekly and offer rush shipping for an additional fee.